Hub restoration

Over the last year, we've made great progress in restoring the main church building. Now we have another exciting building project that can help to fulfil our vision of seeing Life in the City.

We will be transforming the Hub from a set of tired, small rooms that are not fit for purpose into a fresh space that can better serve our church community and the wider city.

The renovated Hub will enable our work with children and young people to flourish. It will also provide much-needed office space for our staff and volunteers as well as rooms that we can offer to other organisations in Coventry.

Restoring the building

Architects vision of the Church.

Architects vision of the Church.


St Mark's, built in the 1850s, sadly closed in 1972. Since then its been used by the NHS as a clinic, a warehouse to serve refugees, and fallen into disrepair. The building is now being brought back to life and being restored to its former glory!  We're so excited about what it will become! The pictures below tell something of the story - what it was just a few months ago, and how the church is coming back to life!